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Inspiring Change through Emotional Data

Updated: August 2, 2022

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Written by: Amandeep Sahota

Co-founder, Director of Ei amplified
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Reviewed by: Henry Fu

Co-founder, Director of Ei amplified

Academically reviewed and Up to date

Ei Amplified quantifies emotions through looking at the words and language one uses. Words tell stories, are used to share experiences and are the most powerful tool we have to express themselves. Emotions drive our decisions, relationships, behaviors and our learning. Our InnovEd family from the University of Toronto often talks about how learning is a feeling. Ei Amplified works with various schools, businesses  not for profits and ed-techs in order to look at impact and equity, diversity and inclusion audits. 

Measuring impact has often been done qualitatively through questionnaires that are based on likert scale but how much data can one get from a scale. Open-ended questions that allow one to express themselves is how humans naturally converse and share their emotions so why do we not collect data the same way. Ei Amplified is able to use open-ended questions through surveys, roundtable discussions and student assignments/workshops. This can be done to engage all stakeholders within an organization. 

Impact Assessment:

Data and accountability should be used in order to look at how new initiatives, policies, training and new educational programs impact people. By looking at emotions before and after implementation of new ideas and taking a data driven approach impact can successfully be measured. This impact can be used to provide accountability to organizations and institutions while also allowing funders to see how their funds are impacting others emotionally. Typically when measuring impact Ei Amplified looks at impacts on emotional wellbeing, mental health and equity, diversity and inclusion audits.

Equity, diversity and inclusion:

Measuring racism and looking at bias has always been an issue that organizations have faced. Ei Amplified is able to measure emotions of each diverse group. This allows us to look at any differences within populations and understand how each group is feeling towards equity, diversity and inclusion. Breakdowns can be done looking at different genders, age, locations, socioeconomic status and any other differences within populations. This allows organizations and institutes to understand which target groups need extra attention and where they should provide support. 

Technology is continuing to evolve but without humans leading the way with positive emotions and positive intentions change is not possible.

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