Amplified ESL Mastery Program

Learn to Speak English from Professionals

Amplified ESL Mastery Program

DURATION: 8 hours class time spread between 14-21 days

  • Ideal For: Youth between the age of 13-16 with english proficiency level of A-1 to A-2 in China.
  • Class Size:8-12 students
  • Course Includes: 8 hours of teaching session provided by Grammatica, 1 month free access to the grammatica resource, 1 month free access to the E.I. Amplified resource

Areas of Focus

Main Focus
  1. Listening and comprehension of the english language within the subject of immediate environment and immediate action.
  2. Speaking and comprehension of the english language within the subject of immediate environment and immediate simple thought
Secondary Focus
  1. Simple text comprehension associated with the immediate interest area, within and outside of the academic sphere.
  2. Written english production equivalent to the exact spoken word.

Our Policy

Parent Engagement

  • Parents are welcome and encouraged to join the class when they are available. There is no restriction on the parent joining at any time.
  • Parents should refrain from interfering with the teaching, but may at any moment assist the youth in their learning when he/she deems it necessary.
  • There will be a 10 minute question session specifically for the parents at the end of 2 out of the 8 sessions. Any questions regarding the class are welcomed and encouraged.

Assignments and Tasks

  • E.i. Amplified and Grammatica are committed to providing the highest level of educational content within capacity.
  • Teachers and other tutors will in turn monitor the completion of tasks and assignments periodically, however we trust our students will maintain their own rigorous academic discipline.
  • Grammatica follows a strict no internal assessment method, however feedback will be used to optimise the students performance.

Refund Policy

  • As the classes are offered in groups, we will withhold 10% of total payment once the classes are scheduled which will be non-refundable.
  • Students seeking to withdraw from prograf prior to the halfway mark will be refunded 90% of the lessons they haven’t completed.
  • Students seeking to withdraw passed the halfway mark will be refunded 50% of the lessons they haven’t yet completed.
  • Students who withdrew from the program will also withdraw from access to any E.I. Amplified and Grammatica exclusive material.

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