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As technology continues to become a bigger part of our lives, it is crucial to teach and practice empathy. Our future leaders need to be EMOTIONALLY Intelligent to bring social, economic and environmental change. Using the Social Emotional Intelligence (SEL) framework, we help the future innovators meet today's needs without compromising the needs of tomorrow.

Learning Outcomes

Technical Skills
Technical Skills
self management
Self Management
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Self & Social Awareness
decision making skills
Decision Making Skills
Relationship Skills EI Amplified
Relationship Skills

EI Amplified programs are developed by outstanding industry leaders and educators, and we are a member of InnovED from OISE University of Toronto.

For Students

Project based learning workshops that focus on experiential learning to learn technical skills and make meaningful change.

For Educators

Professional development and research services to dive deeper into diversity, equity, inclusion and emotional intelligence.

What Our Students are Saying

Hear what the educators and students have to say

  • The pilot program was really interesting and extremely informative. I got to learn a lot of things like how the climate change or human behaviour has been affecting our planet day by day. Not only their causes but also their solution. Also learnt about some more subtopics that gave us a lot of information. Overall the program was excellent.
  • The pilot program was amazing and was very informative. I liked the research done in the work. Thanks a million for taking your time and teaching us.
  • This program was really helpful and informative. It was useful for my upcoming days. Through this program, I get to know my parents' feelings for me. Thank you so much for this beautiful program. Hope to see you again
  • Thank you so much for arranging this program. This program sparked a love for learning in me, made me feel like I could ask anything, do anything for learning, and a major thing is that it made me believe in research. The instructors were both amazing educators for a short period of time. Thanks again for this wonderful program. Hope to see you in the future. Stay safe
  • In my view it was very nice and effective, it helped me a lot,it was my first experience, I learned many new things and words,there were some words that I heard for the first time and it was interesting. The instructors were very friendly and nice so it was fun to take the class!
  • Student
    It was really interesting and effective. I learnt various things and new words as well. I had a great time with you. Thank you.
  • Student
    This program was very helpful and interesting. It gave better knowledge on data collection, survey and many more. Lastly, thank you for this great class.
  • Academic Head
    It was excellent, Our students learned about research. They participated well. I would be happy if you could continue this through out this year. Regards

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